Pocket Sketching Workbook

Just published Pocket Sketching Workbook. A how-to workbook with explanations, practice exercises and much more. A total of 37 pages.

$17.00 + $2.63 Shipping

Strathmore Drawing Pad.

Medium surface readily accepts Pilot pen and watercolor. Spiral bound. There are 24 sheets per pad, both sides can used. 80 Pound

$3.50 + $2.00 Shipping

Pilot Razor Point Pen.

The only one, Keep lid on when not suing, lasts up to 3 days.

$1.75 + $1.50 Shipping

Windsor & Newton Paint Set

This pocket sized lightweight box is ideal for the outdoor artist. it contains 14 half pans of water color plus an adequate small brush. Color selection is excellent. Also included a small knife to help open the paint set.

$40.00 + $6.45 Shipping

#6 Cosmotop Brush by Da Vinci

Travel brush has high water-holding capacity, superior wear, and excellent tip. The brushes are made from a blend of five different diameters of extra smooth synthetic hair. Holds point and doesn't wear.

$40.00 + $5.35 Shipping

Pocket Sketching Fanny Pack

Pocket Sketching Fanny Pack: Custom made fanny pak that conveniently holds all of your paints, brushes, sketch pad, and water containers.Has fanny pack strap and crossbody strap so you don't feel foolish. Inner pocket holds passport, ID, medical cards, money, credit cards. Will hold candle stub (was resistant) lip balm, camera, pens, 3 pads, paint set and two film canister water containers. Available colors: red, blue, green, black, brown, and purple. Grab it and go!
See pictures of Kath with the Pack on, go to About/Bio. There are two pictures showing the size of the Fanny Pack.

$40.00 + $6.45 Shipping

Select color:
35mm film water container

35 mm film canister.

$.50 + $2.00 Shipping


Features a padded backrest and seat. holds up to 250lbs, water bottle sleeve, push down on middle to get up. No arms for easy in painting. The best I've found.

$36.95 + $12.00 Shipping

Kath’s Basic Manual

A 16 page manual by Kath on many basic techniques.

$5.00 + $2.63 Shipping

Pocket Sketching Package #1

Includes everything you need to master the technique including:
Strathmore Drawing Pad
Pilot Razor Point Pen
Windsor & Newton paint set
a water container
a small knife to help open the paint set
and Kath basic manual.

$45.00 + $12.00 Shipping

Pocket Sketching Package #2

Basic supplies plus Fanny Pack

$135.50 + $12.00 Shipping

Pocket Sketching Package #3

Basic supplies Plus Fanny Pack and DVD #1

$147.00 + $12.00 Shipping

Pocket Sketching Package #4

Basic supplies plus 3 DVD set.

$135.50 + $12.00 Shipping

Pocket Sketching Package #5

Basic supplies
Cosmotop Brush by Da Vinci
Fanny Pack
All 3 DVDs

$195.00 + $12.40 Shipping
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