Been Everywhere, Man!

Pocket Sketching with watercolor and pen has gone from Tucson to Dillman’s in upper Wisconsin, the “Upper Peninsula”, to Milford, CT to Charleston, to the Biltmore in NC, Nashville and places in between!

This has been the longest trip and we even did one 14-hour-of-driving day getting home. I’m on overload and couldn’t have absorbed one more place. It’s great to get home and pet the dog (who needed a bath), and the cat (who doesn’t “need” anybody, but actually came in and didn’t give us the usual cold-shoulder-for-days). Shortly I’ll send photos or sketches, or both, from the trip.

You know how you sometimes go days without sketching? Me too. Since returning I’ve sketched only once. The ‘once’ was the amazing Tucson Jazz Institute kids who play every Wednesday evening with some of their instructors at the Viscount Hotel, 6:30 to 9:00.

These sketches are (left to right) are the amazing Jasmine on the melodica (a harmonica-like instrument which is blown into). Jas wriggles, lurches, writhes with every note and I want to keep trying to catch the movement She’s just turned 14 and also plays a wicked piano.,, Scott on bass, Doug on trombone and Joe waiting to play tenor sax.  (If you live in or visit Tucson, don’t miss these guys!!!!)

Jasmine on melodica in motion

Scott on base

 If you haven’t tried doing people, go for it! Pick people who hold still or who repeat a motion. Somebody ironing or reading or watching TV (or playing music), is perfect.

Another not-miss-it is the movie, Loving Vincent. Every frame is hand painted from the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. It took 5 years for a group of 120 juried artists to paint the tiny changes to make

Doug on trombone

Josh on Clainet

‘movement’. The editing job must have been a bear! The story convincing asks how Vincent died: was it suicide or murder? There are actual actors but their frames are painted over in black and white. It’s an amazing work of art on works of art.

 Enjoy music, movies and creating art!

Art is not art until it’s sold. Until then it’s an obsession and a storage problem. Anon

Enjoy music, movies and creating art!
Art is not art until it’s sold. Until then it’s an obsession and a storage problem. Anon

P.S.  I forgot to mention, this very month, November is a workshop in Kerrville, TX, and another in San Antonio, TX,: information is at


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