TUCSON is HOT! How hot?

It’s supposed to reach 116 degrees this week and it’s probably 105 or more right now.  Of course, the humidity is 2%.  The result is, it feels just really warm.  This is June.  July is far worse because the temp goes down and it rains enough to raise the humidity way up.  Guess why we teach in the North in the summer!!! Watch for our schedule near you!  Anne just emailed me she didn’t see the schedule and we were in her area. Click here to check schedule

We just returned from a very fun workshop on CORONADO ISLAND off the west coast of San Diego. It’s a laid-back village and a U.S. Naval Base only 15 minutes from the San Diego Airport and 7 minutes from Downtown.  The temp’s in the 70s all the time.  All plants love it.  If you didn’t inherit your cute 1930s home, it’s a tad pricey to buy in.  Our hostess’ daughter has a 900 sq. ft. darling home valued at 1.3 $ million.  It was built in 1912.  To renovate it (and make it bigger), you have to go back 15 feet to retain a  good property tax break.  Hence, there are many darling fronts and many two-story backs of houses.

The class elected to sketch at the Hotel Del Coronado (the biggest all-wood building in the U.S,).  It’s a grand old place and certainly not easy to sketch.  They didn’t know what they were biting off!  We were under the main tower in one of the many outdoor restaurants.  Not only is the tower full of excess architectural detail, we had the perspective of looking up.  Fortunately for them, we also sketched in a normal neighborhood.  In one sketch the red chair was ‘borrowed’ from another yard:  it looked good on this porch.

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