Watercolor Workshop Made Easy with Pocket Sketching and Kath

We leave on Wednesday to teach our watercolor workshop on Coronado Island, California (just west of San Diego, where it’s cool), June 9, 10, 11. (Tucson is now at 105 degrees and going up.)

I can’t find a safe quote from May West, so Mario Andretti will have to do, “If everything’s under control, you’re not going fast enough!”

The workshop will be in a private home and on the third day the class gets to pick where they will sketch, plein air, (which means on location, generally outdoors and not studio work). It will be around 75 degrees and Southern California gorgeous! The Island has exotic landscaping and the Del Coronado Hotel which you saw in Marilyn Monroe’s movie, “Some Like it Hot” with Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis. We rented the movie two nights ago. It’s very dated and still funny. There’s still space available in the workshop. Call Michelle, 520-730-1515 or go to michelle.hearon@gmail.com.

My first Pocket Sketching Certified Instructor to teach a class was Paulette Lagana on Sunday in the San Francisco area. She had six people and they loved it enough to sign up for her next class which will be on still life. She’s excited! Six is a great number to start with. And this was fascinating to me: Paulette used our watercolor Pocket Sketching videos to review everything and she said they really helped her feel confident. Yeah!! I love feedback.

Attached are some quick watercolor sketches from the five Instructors done with Pocket Sketching. These were done in 25 minutes or less and they each represent an area taught in the workshops. And, in our easy watercolor Pocket Sketching workshops people learn to work fast. If it’s a ‘bomb’, you’ve wasted only 25 minutes of your life, at most! That’s






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