It’s been a big six weeks!  So here are the results.

I’m proud of the book, “POCKET SKETCHING ™, The Portable Workshop”.  It’s easy to follow and new people can get the technique.  It is aimed at plein air (working outdoors), and covers the perspective lessons of contrast, color and focal point.  It has pretty good information on color and linear perspective too.  And then there’s Sargent’s use of wax.  Yeah, as Dale would say, “I’m down with that!”  (That means, it’s good.)  It’s on the website for $17.00 and postage.

The book was finished and published just before the national Plein Air Convention and Expo in San Diego.  Then there was the Convention where I was on the Faculty and did a presentation.  Then came writing the Syllabus.  It was finished two days before the Workshop for Teachers!  The intent is to use the Syllabus in the Workshop to teach a new person everything I know about Pocket Sketching, and license them to teach it with use of the Logo and the Trademark.

There were five people, which is all I wanted.  Each came from a different geographic place and a different ideal use for Pocket Sketching.  They are now listed on my website.  They can teach my trademarked technique wherever they are.  But they did so well!  I’m very proud of Lynda from Montana, Paulette from San Francisco, Jan from Los Angeles, Penny from Tucson and Michelle from Tucson.   They brought so much to share.  In five days they went through everything and they made changes. There will be updates to the Syllabus from their input.  The Syllabus is available only to people who take the Workshop for Teachers.  And I may or may not ever teach it again.  It is hard to let go of “your baby”. 

 Have you ever tried to put everything you know about something into five days that cover it so well the next person can do the same thing?

The attached pictures are examples of their work.  But more, they can each use this in their own way to teach others.  I am so very proud of them.

Jan Gruenwald

Lynda Skinner

Penny Cottrell

Paulette Lagana

Michelle Hearon

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