A bit more news.

There is news, but it’s hard to find time to write.  Last Sunday I got away to go paint with the Sonoran Plein Air Painters on Mt. Lemmon.  I was so excited I left early.  They cancelled.  There were four of us sketching and painting in very high wind.  If you get a chance to sketch, you gotta use it! 

The workshop for teachers to teach Pocket Sketching is beginning May 19 and there’s one opening.  I want a very small group because this is a first.  I’m still working on the syllabus.  It’ll be in a 3-ring binder so as they ask for more material, I can send it along. They will leave able to teach PS in classes.  Since I’ve always done 3 or more full days, it’s interesting to break everything down into meaningful small bites that can be taught in weekly installments.  I’ve never had to think this way.  (It’s probably keeping me from getting Alzheimer’s…maybe not!)  If you know a person interested, let them know.  This may be a one-of-a-kind, or it may become a school. 

If you can make it to PACE next year in Santa Fe, go for it.  You will never be able to learn from so many top painters in one place.  Eric Rhodes does an Art Marketing Boot Camp every morning at the unwelcome hour of 6:30 AM because the day is too full to do it later.  It’s well attended.  Whew!!!

Here are two more of my PACE sketches.  I love the heavy lady settling into painting.  She was totally absorbed. The other one had an extra aspect.  Eric Rhodes, who put together the entire PACE event, was painting in oils right next to me.  Only he couldn’t get a chance to really paint.  People kept interrupting him.  He needed camouflage and Pocket Sketching so he could paint in his personal space and not be noticed!  No one bothered me.  Of course, he was running interference for me too.


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