Plain Air Convention San Diego, CA


Last week was PACE. The Plein Air Convention and Expo in San Diego:  what an event!!!!

Imagine four stages with speakers and demonstrations on each, all day, and then the opportunity to buy all sort of new equipment and supplies in a gorgeous setting with fabulous paint-outs each afternoon!  Excellently organized with help everywhere.  Geared for both novices and professionals.

In fact, I was amazed at how many truly beginning outdoor painters there were.  As faculty, we were to both paint and roam, helping painters who put up a sign asking for help.  I initially felt I didn’t have much to offer.  One had a painting going of a distorted coral tree and was just about to turn it into what she remembered as an ‘ideal tree shape’ before I came by.  She had a gorgeous, powerful, splendid tree which would have been scraped off.  I think I have a photo of her with her tree in progress, and a rather rough sketch:

Did you notice you’d fit right in?!?  Don’t turn this event down because you think it’s too professional.  You can learn soooo much and have a wonderful time.  Next year will be in Santa Fe, New Mexico April 16 through 20.  Come with friends and meet new ones.   Go to Plein Air Convention and Expo, 2018.

This is one of my favorite sketches.  This darling nut vendor was just inside a plaza in Old Town (one of the venues for a paint-out).   She had never had anyone paint her, so I gave her the sketch.  Old Town was so full of gorgeous vignettes, buildings, music, and food aromas.  I may be unpacked, but everything’s a mess.

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