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I recently took a vacation, and like the rest of the world, I had my smart phone. I took a zillion pictures. When I returned home, I got back to work and my busy life. Although I downloaded the photos onto my computer I did nothing more. Fast forward four months and I pulled the photos up to show a friend a few vacation memories.

“Honestly I can’t remember where that was.” I said as we gazed at the twentieth beach scene.

“When you Pocket Sketch you don’t just draw exactly what is there, as a camera captures it, but rather you add your emotional experience of the moment.” said Kath Macaulay the inventor of and coach for Pocket Sketching, an idea and technique she has trademarked.

I recently met Macaulay when we were both volunteering at a co-op gallery. We talked about our art, she is a painter. Then she told me about a technique she developed where she can teach artists and non-artists alike how to journal, using watercolor.

Remembering my unsorted, and basically ignored vacation photos, I was intrigued. I thought our readers might be interested as well, so she agreed to be interviewed.

“I can teach anyone to paint in just two days,” she claimed. “And my students do this in public fearlessly in 25 minutes or less – capturing landscapes, still life and people.”

Macaulay discovered her unique form of capturing the moment quite by accident, while travelling.  Using a water soluble pen that seemed to smear, she experimented with push the ink about with a brush. She added some watercolor and soon she had an idea.

She started to refine her concept and eventually came up with a set of tools, including a pad, that can all fit in one hand.

to be continued.


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