It’s Over

It’s over!!! April 11, 2017

As of minutes ago I wrote my really short biography for the inside cover of The Pocket Sketching Workbook. Dale is formatting it and then printing the maquette (I don’t know what you call the ‘dry run of a book) for a check. If it looks good, it goes to the U. of A. self-publishing press tomorrow. Then we’ll find out what it costs.
Coming up next is PACE, the national Plein Air Convention and Expo in San Diego later this month. I’m speaking and demonstrating on the 24th on one of four stages. There are supposed to be 1000 attendees. Then I get to participate in the daily paint-out, sketching and helping new plein air painters.
Guess who has not had a bit of practice except in the workshop I taught last week? I haven’t even been outside except to buy groceries and get a tooth crowned. (The crown is being made by a 3-D printer at my dentist’s. Would I love to play with that!)
Tomorrow morning I’ll clean up the enormous mess from the book, submit required stuff for PACE and slip outside for a tad of sketching.
Here’s a favorite sketch that made it into the book. And I feel like the little dog!

My best, Kath

P.S. It went to the publisher on Thursday April 13 will be complete soon. YEAH!!!!

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