Sketches from workshop Chandler, AZ

Stuff is happening, though you don’t see much.

The last workshop was in Phoenix at Eva’s house, and for once, I got photos and names together, so they’re attached.  No, it’s not my work, but I have to get practicing.  Here’s why:  I just got notified that I’m going to be a speaker at the National Plein Air Convention which is in April in San Diego this year.  This is HUGE!!!  And I have to figure out what I’m going to say (and not bore people).

Meanwhile, I’m working on the Kickstarter.  There’s a lot of work that has to be completed before ‘launch’.  And I’m working on the summer and fall schedules.  Lions, tigers and bears:  Oh my!!!  So here’s a bear sketch from me I bet you haven’t seen.

My only workshop this month will be at the Amerind Museum in Dragoon, AZ Feb. 24, 25, 26.  If you want information, let me know.

Locally in Tucson here are two really good resources:

David Weintraub for computer problems, 991-1482.  He comes to your house and will slowly walk you through what he does.

Laurie Larwood , Quail Lane Studio, 579-9773.  She is a photographer and is fully equipped to do giclee in almost any size.  She will be doing my giclees and mounting them for my Kickstarter.  Plan extra time because she can explain the process and all the amazing things it can do.  (Like my 4 x 6 sketches will be on 6 x 8 canvas wraps ready-to-hang.)









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