February 2017 Blog

No word for a long time. And if you look, not many workshops coming up in the next 4 months. There are changes. More later.
We just finished two back-to-back workshops, both delightful! There’s one in February (yup! Only one!), and it’s at the amazing Amerind Museum near Dragoon, Arizona. That’s near Texas Canyon with all those huge boulders along Highway 10 East of Benson. The Amerind has an internationally renowned collection of American Indian artifacts and a western art gallery, both outstanding. The workshop is held in the home of the former owner, in the handsome living room with a fireplace. (Last year it snowed when we were there.) You can be a ‘day-camper’ or spend your nights in the guest quarters. The meals are included and outstanding. The home had the same architect as the Arizona Inn with all the Southwest details. When built, it was truly remote. Saturday night we can ‘go dancing’ at the Triangle-T Ranch next door (famed in Hollywood western movies). Needless to say, it’s a fun location for a workshop. This is like being at a retreat. Plenty of hiking and stars right over your head at night.

Contact Annie: 520-586-3666, ext. 11, alarkin@amerind.org for information and to register.

Two sketches this time are by Marian, who has advanced Parkinson’s. She says while she’s sketching, her hand is steadier and she’s less aware of her disorder. If you practice sketching, you’ll find you’ll go into a meditative state while working, giving yourself a mini-meditation and escape as needed. I love it in the midst of chaos.

The last sketch is by me in the Tucson Botanical Garden. I’m delighted it’s loose. Many of mine are “wussey” (never thought how to spell that!), and this one isn’t. It was from the last day of the last workshop. Isn’t it nice to end well!

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