May your season be stress-free, restful and joyous!
This time the sketches are old favorites of mine.
“Celebrate” was done at a Thanksgiving party and we used the image to announce our wedding reception three years ago.

Arizona Inn Christmas Tree

The “Christmas Tree” is from the Arizona Inn in Tucson. They do a marvelous job decorating their library every Christmas season.

The “Deer” were browsing in a narrow strip of highway embankment next to an 8 lane freeway with a 6 foot chain link fence all along the lower edge: a very safe place to stay all winter with plenty of food and forays into neighborhoods…in Chicago at 3 degrees!

We’re ending 2016 with a trip to see friends in Sedona and family in Phoenix and Las Vegas. (Why does this sound like one of our summer ‘tours’?) 2017 will be different. I’m doing workshops in January, then only one in February, March, and April. Why? We’re doing a Kickstarter to get funded so I can get the book written, published and out, along with the syllabus for teaching other people to teach Pocket Sketching, with the first class scheduled in May for “teachers of classes”. More on that later.

If you know someone who wants a workshop in January, you can gift them and save 25% on the tuition if you make a reservation saying it’s a “Special Gift”.

In my spare time I’m scheduling two tours for this summer and they may be the last ‘Grand Tours’. We will have seen the U.S. and parts of Canada up close and personal, and with the ‘joy’ of hauling, setting up, teaching, breaking down and hauling CONSTANTLY all tour. The reward of course, has been having all of you do so well and get excited with your skill. (I may miss this aspect so much, I can’t quit touring and teaching. Plans are made as a map, and don’t need to be followed, right?)

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