Getting ready for the Holidays

If you are in Tucson, make plans to see Fiddler on the Roof.  It’s marvelously well done.  Live orchestra in the pit.  Traditional dancing.  It’s a total delight.  Tickets are at  

Plans are laid.  For 9 years I have taught workshops in Tucson in the winter.  Many of them.   And we’ve advertised them.  Not this year.  January has two.  Feb. March and April each have one.  If you know someone who wants to take a workshop, let them know (a great Christmas/ Hanukkah gift).  Then in May is the first 5-day workshop to teach teachers to teach Pocket Sketching in classes.  We’ll do two tours this summer/fall, and that may be the end of the Grand Tours (a name I have stolen from John Singer Sargent’s mother:  They moved constantly in Europe because they couldn’t afford to stay in high-end places during ‘high season’.   Hence John was fluent in English, Italian and French.  Remember, sometimes we don’t get what we want:  We get what we need!

Oh, and what’s going on over the winter?  We are going to do a Kickstarter campaign to fund me so I can finally take time to write the book and the syllabus (for teachers) that I kept saying I’d do, and get them published.  There never has been time.  The Kickstarter has an end-point by which the project must be done and delivered to the contributors.  A set deadline.  That was missing.  This is stepping into strange water for me and for Dale.  Fortunately Kickstarter is well organized.

Margie Clemans

The examples this time are not mine.   We stayed with Margie in Portland, and she took my class.  She sent sketches recently.  I absolutely love the baby, Margie and Scott’s first grandchild, and she did the sketches of other people you see.  Think of sketching your grandkids (or your kids, pets, spouse) as they age.  What a fun chronicle.

The other sketch is by Sue Clemans.  She and her sister-in-law, Susane McArthur, helped Thomas make my three videos.  Sue helped supply the examples.  Susane wouldn’t sketch anything.  No stick figures, not even a sketch of a balloon for her grandchildren.  She was the toughest resistant I ever met.  Then she called and asked for a pad and pen.  For Christmas I sent her a paint set.  Later she phoned to say she hated me:  she couldn’t put it down and it was 2:00 AM!  Sue, (lives in Tucson) and Susane (lives in Sedona) get together to sketch and visit.  They’re hooked!  If you haven’t arranged to go with family or friends on a sketch-out, you’re missing so much fun and camaraderie.  Sue’s pictures include her granddaughter, another new pocketsketcher, and Susane, who’s actually immersed in sketching!

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